BBA in Supply Chain Management



This department is offering 4-year BBA degree in Supply Chain Management under the Institute of Business Studies. Total credit hours of the program are 143 with 8 semesters during 4 years.


To be excellent in developing employability and entrepreneurship skills through Business Education.

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  • Mission1. To create center of excellence in imparting knowledge in management field
  • To provide trainings for improving competency and skill development
  • To develop activity-based education system for improving managerial skills
  • To develop students and faculties creative and analytical skills through training programs

Students why study Supply Chain Management and what is the future of the subject?

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected business world, managing operations and supply chain efficiently and effectively is considered as one of the key weapons for survival and sustainability of the organizations. The Faculty of Business Administration recognizing this new business dynamics, offers specialized degree in this domain both at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Operations and Supply Chain Management is primarily concerned with the design, planning and management of all processes, facilities and activities required to transfer/ transform various resources into goods and services within and between organizations. It includes wide ranges of organizations including manufacturers, retailers, hospitals, hospitality, telecommunication, bank and non-profit organizations too.

Operations and Supply Chain managers control more than 70 per cent of organizational resources – mostly physical (people, money, materials, and infrastructure etc.) – used in manufacturing or in delivering services. To be competitive in global markets, it is important to understand that how these resources are used properly to ensure competitiveness of the organizations. AIUB is among the very few Universities in Bangladesh offering this specialization opportunity for its students.

Research and Report describes SCM as one of the 20 hottest job tracks of the 21st century. A survey conducted by McKinsey reported that Bangladesh's apparel industry will grow 15-20% annually and will be the biggest hot spot for apparel sourcing.

Transform the young learners for tomorrow’s leaders highly and experienced faculties are engaged in this department. More than 40% faculty members in our department have Ph.D. degree from the global reputed Institutions. Faculty members in the department have developed specialty competencies in such domains as manufacturing, quality management, facility location, information systems for manufacturing, manufacturing strategy, mathematical modeling of machine and shop scheduling, purchasing strategy and materials management, service operations, international operations, decision making, and the analysis of optimization and simulation methods, among other areas of interest. Academic majors are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels in Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management