Faculty of Business


Faculty of Business

The Sheikh Hasina University of Science and Technology (SHUST) is established on 2021, which was my dream to build a top-ranking university at my birth place Banshgari, Bhairab, Kishoreganj, Bangladesh. This institution is built with unconditional support of resource, stands as a testament to shared commitment to excellence in education, research and societal transformation. I am dedicated to creating an atmosphere where students are empowered to achieve their dream. Where research and innovation are celebrated and where learning knows no bounds. So that I say “the future is for those who dare to dream and find the courage to pursue their dreams”.

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Business (FB) at the Sheikh Hasina University of Science and Technology (SHUST). The FBS has newly been established with a particular goal to produce business graduates who will contribute effectively to professions in Bangladesh and beyond.

It is well recognized that today’s tech-driven business-world requires diverse skill sets from resource personnel in any organization no matter whether it is local or multi-national. On these requirements, any organization in Bangladesh is no exception where the ever-growing economy needs increasingly efficient and reliable work force to deliver at the Firm’s end.

The FB at the SHUST thrives on the mission and vision of supplying the needs of today’s realities of the business world. Here at the FB, students are trained in ways to deliver effectively as well as productively the best out of them underpinning the FB’s motto - future leaders are created through the extensive program schedule under a conducive learning environment.

Currently the Faculty is offering Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree for undergraduate students. There are a suitable number of quality teachers with foreign degrees. The faculty has well-equipped classrooms with adequate Computer Lab & Lighting, Sophisticated Overhead and Multimedia Projectors for visual presentation using computers.

On behalf of all faculty-members of the FB, I here assure you enjoying research-driven education system where students will be facilitated in publication process securing own publications in journals and in completion of his or her thesis in graduation. In this journey, faculty member(s) will be leading you in completion your research-project(s) and for publication.

Lastly but not least, FB at the SHUST maintains a strong linkage with the business community particularly with banking sector for securing graduates’ employments. Besides this time to time, business leaders and managers are invited on a regular basis to conduct seminars and workshops for the students and faculties. The FB is earning its competence day by day to satisfy the market needs of our graduates in the real world.

Message from the Dean
Akim M. Rahman, Ph.D. (OSU, USA)
Associate Professor andDean, Faculty of Business (FB)

Sheikh Hasina University of Science and Technology (SHUST)