Department of Pharmacy



This department is offering 4-year B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Pharmacy under the Faculty of Science. Total credit hours of the program are 160 with 8 semesters during 4 years.


To be the leader in pharmacy education, research and service, committed to providing a transformative learning experience in a collaborative and diverse environment focused on improving the health and well-being of the communities.

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  • To educate and empower individuals to become highly qualified pharmacy practitioners, scientists, and educators.
  • Educating pharmacy leaders to address community health needs
  • Advancing scientific discovery to produce innovations in healthcare
  • Fostering progressive pharmacy practice through service to the profession

Why Study Pharmacy and It Future

Pharmacy education concerns with the scientific, professional and social aspects of medicines. Pharmacy is a growing industry in Bangladesh that is full of career opportunities. The incessant expansion of this industry has made it one of the best career paths for the prospective students in the future. Pharmacy is a blend of theory and practice and so, the job opportunities are wide-spread offering diversity. With a wide array of jobs available, the candidates get a leeway to choose the one that suits them the most.

The pharmacy graduate today has the awesome responsibility of keeping abreast with the emergence of diseases, developing new tools to combat all diseases, developing better hospital practices, and even getting involved in the development and practices of preventive and community medicine. Given the complexity of modern medicine, the pharmacist has to be aware of potential drug interactions and their effect on human health. The pharmaceutical industries have added new dimensions with the production of health supplements and venturing into cosmetics as well as feed and medicinal formulations for agro-businesses like crops, fish, cattle and poultry. Taken together, the pharmacist has to be familiar with all these disciplines including recombinant DNA technology to satisfy the demands of drug targeting and gene therapy. Pharmacy is a wide-spread industry that encompasses the whole world. Each country is trying to take the lead when it comes to medical sciences and the pharmaceutical sector plays a pivotal role in this. The aforementioned reasons are enough to attract the students towards this discipline but what steals the show is the ability to help mankind through a pharmacy. This well-defines the reason behind it being in-demand. If you are also a candidate fascinated by this industry and want to start your journey in this field, Sheikh Hasina University of Science and Technology will be the best place for you.

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy