Faculty of Science


Faculty of Science

The Sheikh Hasina University of Science and Technology (SHUST) is established on 2021, which was my dream to build a top-ranking university at my birth place Banshgari, Bhairab, Kishoreganj, Bangladesh. This institution is built with unconditional support of resource, stands as a testament to shared commitment to excellence in education, research and societal transformation. I am dedicated to creating an atmosphere where students are empowered to achieve their dream. Where research and innovation are celebrated and where learning knows no bounds. So that I say “the future is for those who dare to dream and find the courage to pursue their dreams”.

Message from the Dean

It is my immense pleasure to welcome all of you to visit the Faculty of Science of the Sheikh Hasina University of Science and Technology (SHUST), Banshgari, Bhairab, Kishoreganj, Bangladesh. Presently Faculty of Science is offering three Honors programs namely (1) B.Sc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, (2) B.Sc. in Food and Nutrition Science and (3) Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm).

The faculty is equipped in such a way that very soon it will be the prominent platform for teaching, learning, research and innovation in biomedical education around the region. As Dean, I have the privilege of leading this vibrant faculty, a place where curiosity, compassion, and intellect combine to make our students for the tomorrow world. The goal of the faculty of science is to nurture the newest vision of becoming a proud, global institution from Bangladesh through excellence in teaching, leadership in student experience and impactful research. Our devotion will be making our students to be the global leader.

Our student’s-oriented devotion will be helpful for shaping themselves to be the global leader in their professional field. Each department under this faculty will ensure knowledge and skill-based learning environments to the students. I can assure that the education plan of this faculty will be helpful to prepare our students to be professional experts with good humanity. Moral and ethical values will be inbuilt in all of our students during their learning process which will be helpful to prepare each graduate to be a complete human and will serve the country and the world with their best performance.

Our graduates will be the best in innovation, professional in service, momentous in leadership, competent in creating and sharing of knowledge, uphold human values and believe in sustainable development. We believed in quality education and quantitative job placement of our graduates. In that connection Faculty of science, SHUST will arrange sufficient inhouse and external internship, job fair etc.

Once again, I extend my heartfelt welcome and thank you for visiting us. If you are looking for an extraordinary biomedical educational experience to lead the progression of Bangladesh and the world as a whole—with technology and innovation, the Faculty of Science, SHUST will surely be your place.

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Prof. Dr. A F M Nazmus Sadat
Dean, Faculty of Science (FS)

Sheikh Hasina University of Science and Technology (SHUST)